Change of the Brand name of Batist Medical surgery products

Dear Sirs and Madams,
As you have already learned from various information channels, our company Batist Medical has exited from OneMed Group and is undertaking corresponding steps in changing of some services and products.

Firstly, we are introducing a new brand name for surgery supplies: the original brand “evercare” will be replaced by the new name “immunity”.

Our current motto is:

……what exactly describes the current situation.

Our priority is to offer the best quality to our customers and to make everyday life of the hospital professionals and our patients a little bit safer

Our factory and the raw materials in use guarantee the highest level of safety and quality.

Some modifications to even upgrade the quality level above the current one have been executed, such as  

  • 3layer full surface of drapes for a better patient comfort
  • improved main material colour increasing the work comfort of the operating staff (the darker colour of the drape reflects less light of the surgical lamp during the procedure).

Further information may be found in the catalogues at our website or dial our customer service.
An important element of our business strategy remains the state-of-the-art production facility at our headquarters in Červený Kostelec in the North of the Czech Republic. There, we produce first-class products such as individual sets, wound care, bandages and much more.

Tomas Mertlik
President & CEO

June 21, 2019 News, Press Releases