Change in the ownership structure of Batist Medical Group

Change in the ownership structure of Batist Medical Group

Dear business partners,

It is my pleasure and privilege to announce to you today that there has been a major alternation in the ownership structure within the Batist Medical Group.

On September 27, 2018 the Batist Medical Holding, a Czech holding company fully under my control, has acquired 100% of all outstanding shares of Batist Medical from the former parent company OneMed Group.

Following a long period of necessary consideration, reflection and number of talks with the representatives of the senior management of OneMed, this consequential step aims to safeguard and elevate our company for the prosperous future and the best available service we’d like to offer to you, and jointly to our patients.

Batist Medical was founded by my father early in the 90’. After years of incessant growth of customers, employees and turnover, in 2011 my family decided to divest the business to the Swedish OneMed Group, one of the largest pan-European distribution companies, while remaining the leader of the integrated Batist Medical as well as becoming a shareholder of OneMed Group.

The period between both deals, the divestiture and the recent carve out, was remarkable to our entire company from multiple of perspectives: from professionalizing our business over to growth of revenues up to a cultural shift of becoming a real international player.

I am very grateful to OneMed for this unique opportunity of being a part of such an important and respected market participant.

Today, Batist Medical offers jobs to more than 300 associates and safeguard the living of their families.

We are active in some 20 countries either thru local offices or intermediaries.

A vital part of our business strategy is the state-of-the-art production site around our Headquarters in Červený Kostelec in the north of Czech Republic. There, we manufacture first-class products such as CPTs, Wound Care, and many others.

I’d like to express my gratitude and appreciation of having the opportunity of becoming your long-time trusted partner, and jointly serving our mutual customers at our best.

To continue of doing so, we continuously upgrade our team, its knowledge and expertise as well as adding new functions to keep up with the instantaneous changes in our business environment.

Consequently, we will shortly offer an enhanced portfolio of our services and products.

I’d like to invite you to join me and my team on this exciting journey!


Tomas Mertlik

October 9, 2018 News